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Turning fifteen is a big deal. We know. Your Quinceañera dress should be a beautiful reflection of the woman you’re becoming, and a symbol of your style and taste.

Our Vizcaya Collection is a stunning array of bold colors, large flowing princess ball gown skirts, and all the sparkle you’ve been dreaming of. Madeline Gardner’s elegant taste shines through in her designs for this line of traditional meets modern Quinceañera dresses.

We know how important the classic traditions are for any young woman picking out her gown for this momentous day. We also know that part of growing up is the excitement that comes with choice and personal style. Our classic full flouncing skirts paired with more contemporary bodices, corsets, and off the shoulder cap sleeves are an ideal match for our modern girl. If the latest style is what you’re going for, consider our two piece Quinceañera dresses. While pink has always been the customary time honored color for a Quinceañera dress, consider our color palette complete with scuba blue, teal, scarlet, and a shimmering gold among others.

Morilee’s Vizcaya Collection is second to none when it comes to our gorgeous beaded embellishments on flowing organza, or cascading tulle adorned with delicate jeweled beading. Can you really go wrong?

Your Quinceañera is your day to steal the show. So reach big for the stars and make sure you find your extra twinkle.

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More About Our Vizcaya Collection

The dress you choose for your Quinceañera is much more than a beautiful piece of clothing; it is the symbol of your transformation to young womanhood. In our Vizcaya Collection you will find an array of stunning 15 dresses worthy of this meaningful task. The first thing you’ll notice is the vibrant palette of colors. Pink was once the traditional color of Quinceañera dresses, but now that you’re on your way to independent womanhood, you’ll want to express your own taste. You may well love pink, but now you can choose teal, fuchsia, deep purple, scarlet, Bahama Blue, whichever color brings out your natural beauty, and tells your story. Read More 

In our Vizcaya collection, our inspirational designer, Madeline Gardner stayed true to the long-established and beloved spirit of Quinceañera gowns with skirts that are long, full and flowing. But she balanced this traditional look with tasteful, yet womanly sweetheart bodices, tie corsets, and halter tops.

You’ll see Mori Lee Vizcaya dresses with jeweled beading on flounced tulle, jeweled satin bodices on flounced organza, contrasted embroidery and beading on ruffled tulle, and so many other combinations of rich fabrics and meticulously detailed adornments.

Choosing a Quinceañera dress is a big decision. Take your time. We know you’ll find the perfect dress that bridges the girlhood that you’re leaving behind and the womanhood that stands before you. How excited are you?! Read Less