The Beauty Of The Belt

The Beauty Of The Belt

Accessories can brighten up and change the look of any outfit. While traditional wedding dresses might be plain and simple, there’s nothing stopping you from personalising them to add your own sense of self with a modern twist.

A belt can be the perfect way to do just that. Here, we’re going to look at some ideas that can best make use of this growing modern trend.

When It’s Time To 

One of the best things about finding the right belt for your wedding dress is that it allows you to switch up the look, shape, and feel of your dress as the day progresses. You may feel more comfortable sticking to a traditional conservative look during the ceremony itself, but our Diamante Beaded Net Belt can help be the perfect addition to tuck in your dress during the evening reception. As well as a practical choice, it helps maintain a little of the extra detail in your outfit after you have long put aside most of the accessories.

Fit The Belt To The Body

Much like dresses, different belt designs tend to fit different body types better. For instance, if you have a larger bust, a simple thin belt can avoid drawing too much attention away from the curves you want to accentuate. If you have a more feminine curve to your hips, however, then our more attention catching options like the Diamante Encrusted Satin Belt can help you flatter your torso and give the dress even more impact.

Try The Dress And The Belt On Together

This is essential. Whether the belt will feature as part of the outfit throughout the whole day or just as an addition for the evening wear, make sure you have an idea of how the pieces work together. For instance, our Finely Beaded Net Belt works much better with lace designs and sheer sleeves but may work against a more uniform look like a classic chiffon dress. You can find the right belt for any dress, but it’s worth getting a clear idea of how they work together before you try and pair them on the big day.


Fashion It Carefully

You are likely going to be dancing a lot, so ensuring that your belt doesn’t move around too much is essential. Otherwise, there is no easier way to ruin the look you’re going for. Our top tip is to use tiny pins to hold the belt in place and keep it fastened. Don’t fasten it too tightly and test it out by moving around a little in it before you head to the dance floor. If it’s too tight, you’re going to be uncomfortable until you can take it off.

Belts are coming into fashion with modern wedding trends, with more brides opting to add a little extra flair, a more flattering figure, and a sense of practicality to their dress. This is only one example of how an accessory can be used to enhance your wedding dress without detracting from the aesthetic of the day.

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