Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

As you scroll through Instagram browsing under ‘#weddingdresses’, you may think that most designs tend to look more or less the same, or similar at least. But if you pay close attention to bridal fashion, then you will realise that each designer has their own unique design style of wedding dress and their own way of creating their masterpieces.

You may also notice that when it comes to bridal fashion, designers like to ‘shake things up’ slightly each season, swapping their older designs for creations that fit with the current trends. Just like high street fashion changes each season, so does bridal couture.

Of course, most wedding dresses do have a ‘timeless’ look and feel to them. However, each season there are obvious changes that occur in bridal fashion. These changes ensure that a new dress design is on trend and fits with the season’s style.

Below are seven trends for 2018 that it’s worth taking note of.

1.Plunging neckline:

For 2018, plunging necklines are seriously on-trend for bridal couture. All of the most beautiful wedding dresses that incorporate this trend, such as Morilee’s Kendra Wedding Dress, have illusion necklines that are embellished with pearls, lace, or diamontes. These necklines are perfect for brides wanting to show off a little more skin and transform the traditional white dress into something a little more sensual.


Once again, wedding dresses have become more daring, which is where sheer designs come in. This year, designers are pushing the boundaries further than ever before and incorporating sheer styles into bridal couture. A beautiful example of this trend is Morilee’s Kali Wedding Dress, which features a full skirt and sheer top, complete with a princess-style silhouette.


2018 is already famous for its soft, romantic gowns, and as part of that trend, sparkle has come into fashion. The bridal catwalks were covered in dresses that were embellished with sparkles, from diamantes and sequins to splatterings of glitter – sparkly designs are seriously on-trend this season, like Morilee’s Kiara Wedding Dress.


In 2018, sleeves of all kinds are welcome on the bridal couture catwalks. Whether dresses have 80’s inspired puff sleeves or tailored lace sleeves, it doesn’t matter – this year dresses with sleeves, like Morilee’s Karlee Wedding Dress design.


One of this year’s most on-trend embellishments is feathers. If you’ve always dreamed of sporting a wedding dress that wouldn’t look out of place in Swan Lake, this is a dress style that you’ll love. To create this bridal look, Morilee’s Kristabelle dress is perfect.

6.Off the shoulder:

A trend that extends from the high street catwalks is off the shoulder dress designs. In 2018, off the shoulder dress designs are set to be the wedding dress style of choice for many brides. For any bride that’s not a fan of strapless gowns but loves the concept of bare shoulders, this style of dress is perfect, and Morilee’s Karissa Wedding Dress is a prime example of it.

7.Caped designs:

Known as the Wonder Woman effect, this unique design style is quickly gaining traction in bridal fashion, and is hotter this year than ever before. Why not think about a separate cape to your dress as an additional accessory? There are some beautiful options on the market such as the Morilee Bridal Unique Bridal Cape, a sheer delight with delicate beading that would sit beautifully on any dress.

So there you have it, seven trends that you may have missed when it comes to your wedding dress.


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